"In my work, I investigate the acceptance of uncertainty that arises in the process of discovering self. I focus on themes of connection, solitude, action, and control. I often communicate these ideas through metaphor and surreal environments, which are inspired by dreams, nature, and the instinctual sense of unseen forces, both natural and spiritual.  I use energetic lines, illusion, and ambiguous forms to show the mystery and beauty of the unknown. My process involves creating from memories and experiences of inner conflict when resisting convention and comfort, expressing the emotions of moments when chaos and peace shift in a delicate balance."


Theresa Hultberg is an artist from Oklahoma City who received a BFA in Art from the University of Oklahoma in 2014. She works primarily in painting, drawing, and printmaking and has created illustrative work for publication. Theresa has shown work in exhibitions in Norman and Oklahoma City and has displayed prints in exchanges shown in the U.S. and internationally in Mexico, South America, and New Zealand.


Theresa is currently creating a new series of work and a collaborative book.